TV and movies make Bondi Beach look like a glamorous, laid back place. If you don’t consider yourself to be a glamorous, laid back person, you might not immediately see the appeal of Bondi Beach. There are plenty of things for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies to do there. Why waste your trip lounging around on the beach when you can challenge yourself to defy your own boundaries? Here are 5 amazing activities on Bondi Beach which might help you with that.


Get On The Water

There’s some great surfing on Bondi Beach. Some areas of the beach see gentler waves, while other parts of the coast are best for intermediate surfers. If you’ve never surfed before or you’re looking to improve your skill levels, you can even take lessons. There are plenty of accommodations close to the beach, so you can easily spend a few days getting in some practice before you hit the big waves solo. Beginners and pros alike love the surf at Bondi. If you find that you’re a little nervous at the prospect of riding the waves, take a brief swim first to feel what the surf is like.

Go Beneath the Water

Australia’s native sea life is unique – you aren’t going to find many of the same plants and animals in any other part of the world. One of the best ways to fully experience the sea life is to go scuba diving. You’ll witness it firsthand, and you might even be able to swim through schools of brightly colored fish. Since people come from all over the world to scuba dive at Bondi Beach, there are plenty of guides, instructors, and equipment rental facilities right on the coast.

Fly In the Sky

The wind conditions above Bondi Beach make it a great place to fly kites, and also a great place to fly people. During the busy season, you can parasail above the coast. Think of it as a thrilling sightseeing tour. You’ll be able to see the skyline and all of the city surrounding Bondi Beach from an aerial perspective. It’s the best possible view money can buy. Combine that with the fact that you’re essentially flying, and it’s almost impossible to say no to a parasailing experience.

Scale the Terrain

You’ll need to see the crag in Bondi Beach in order to believe it. The crag is slightly off the beach, and a little out of the way. The paths are graded from easy to hard, so you’ll be able to tackle a rock climb as a first timer or a seasoned expert. There are more than a dozen paths to the top, so it’s worth climbing twice for a different experience on each adventure. As long as it hasn’t been especially rainy and you’re equipped with all of the right protective equipment, climbing the crag is perfectly safe.

Skate Like a Pro

The skate park on Bondi Beach is a recent addition, but it’s already drawing a lot of attention. At a ten foot depth, the skate part provides a variety of surfaces (including ramps and turns) that are designed for skaters up to an intermediate level. There are plenty of rails at different levels of incline, as well as a separate in-ground pool style basin on the side of the main skate park. If you have nostalgia about practicing skate tricks in empty swimming pools, this skate park has you covered. You won’t get a chance to tear it up like this at any other skate park you visit.

Any of your exciting escapades will be better when prefaced with a long jog along the coastline to get your blood flowing. When you’re done with your adrenaline rush, don’t forget to relax on Bondi Beach. After all, that’s what such beautiful lounging places exist for. Enjoy the best of both worlds on your trip.

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