More than one million people visit Australia’s most famous beach every year. Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most famous tourist attractions with shops, cafes, restaurants, beautiful, sandy beaches, and plenty of exciting water activities.

Bondi Beach Surf

Bondi Beach is one of the best places in the world to learn surfing. The Bondi Beach surf is tame enough for beginners, but the conditions can change quickly. You can teach yourself to surf, but you must be aware of surfing etiquette and observe safety rules. Ideally, you should take lessons from an instructor at an accredited surfing school. Experienced surfers who like to surf on big swells, go to South Bondi Beach. The waves cross over a reef and are very powerful. Another favourite spot for experienced surfers is Ben Buckler at North Bondi Beach.

Bondi Surf School;

Let’s Go Surfing


Address: 128 Ramsgate Ave, North Bondi.
NSW 2026, Australia
Tel: (02) 9365-1800

bondi kayaking


If you’ve never been kayaking before but are ready for an enjoyable day on the water, you can get instruction on the basic strokes and be out on the water before you know it. Sea kayaking is an excellent activity for getting exercise and enjoying the sun and surf. After a few lessons, you can cruise around off the beach, go on a day trip to a remote spot for a picnic, or kayak around Sydney’s Middle Harbour to see the sights.

Kayak Hire;

Point Piper Kayak Centre


Rose Bay Aquatic Hire


bodi beach Paddleboarding

Stand-up Paddleboarding

One of the best things about stand-up paddleboarding is that you can paddle on rivers, harbours, lakes, or the open sea. If you’re experienced, you can head out to the water off Bondi Beach. However, if you’re new to paddle boarding, there are a lot of instructors in the area who can show you how to handle a paddle board. Once you’ve mastered the art of paddle boarding, you’ll love getting out on the water. A lot of paddle boarders head over to North Bondi. The beach has a natural pool that’s suitable for younger kids to play in. The waves aren’t quite as big as they are on Bondi, so a lot of schools offer surfing lessons for beginners. The gentle surf makes it an excellent area to learn paddle boarding. Another way to use a board off Bondi Beach is to try wakeboarding. On a wakeboard, you’re towed by a boat while you ride the board. You can buy a board at a wakeboard online store.

Bondi Standup Paddleboards Shop & School


Address: Caledonian Road, Rose Bay & Marine Parade, Watsons Bay



Skiing on the water is an exciting sport that’s easy enough for adults and kids to enjoy. You can hire water ski gear at any water ski shop at Bondi Beach. Jet skiing is a great way to spend the day out on the water exploring with your friends. Make a day of it and head to one of the hidden coves or quiet, secluded beaches for an afternoon of picnicking and swimming.

Water Skiing Shop;

Waterskiers Connection



snorkeling bondi beach

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Some of the best dive spots in the world are in the waters off New South Wales. One of the most exciting things about diving off New South Wales is the number of excellent dive spots in and around Sydney Harbour, with more than 30 sites from which to choose. Ben Buckler Point is one of the best dive spots in the area. Located the most northern tip of Bondi, the beach has large swells, but it isn’t affected by the current or tide.

Snorkeling is an exciting water activity that’s easy to learn, requires minimal equipment, and can be learned by anyone. Snorkel the Australian coastline, get up close to native marine and plant life, and explore the breathtaking coral reefs. The waters off the coast of Sydney are ideal for snorkeling. There are a lot of excellent spots to explore the ocean floor with excellent visibility. On your tour, you may spot moray eels, sea-horses, weedy sea dragons, and velvet fish.


Mark · October 26, 2017 at 5:47 am

All looks very tempting. Kayaking and SUP would be on our list.

Does it get pretty busy down there, competing for space? I always remember Bondi for being a lot smaller than I thought it would be.

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