There are many reasons to love Down Under’s most popular beach. At the back of the beachfront strip (which is called Campbell Parade) lies a small town brimming with restaurants, cafés, and designer shops. Those in the know often devote their whole weekend to the “Bondi Bubble”. With a large number of accommodation choices, including upmarket hotel QT Bondi, there’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

Where is Bondi Beach? | Bondi Beach Location | Bondi Map

Bondi Beach is a hugely popular beach and also carries the same name as the Sydney, Australia suburb in which it is located. The beach lies about four miles (seven kilometres) east of Sydney’s CBD, in the city’s Eastern suburbs. Neighboring areas include Bondi Junction, North Bondi and Bondi.

Not only is this iconic town one of the most frequented beaches in the whole country, it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia.

Ir you are in Sydney, the cheapest way to get to Bondi Beach is to get to the city center and find bus 333 which runs from Circular Quay, Alfred St to Campbell Pde Near Hall St. The trip takes between 30 and 40 minutes and drops you off at Bondi Junction, which is around 10 minutes by taxi or bus from the beach. If you are really fit, just ask a local where is Bondi Beach – but beware, Bondi Beach location is a stiff walk from Bondi Junction.

There are flights and buses to Sydney from all major Australian cities.

Bondi Beach History

The word Bondi (sometimes written as ‘Boondi’ is from Aboriginal origin and is believed to refer to the sound of water when it breaks over rocks. This used to be private land which first belonged to the Roberts and later the O’Brien families, but when the O’Briens in the 1880s threatened to terminate public access to the beach the Municipal Council intervened and Bondi Beach was declared a public beach on 9 June 1881.

Over the years the beach became a bastion for those who opposed skimpy beach wear, and in 1951 American film actress Jean Parker made global headline news when she was removed from the beach because her bikini was deemed to be ‘too skimpy’.

Today, however, Bondi Beach even accepts topless bathers, particularly at the southern end.

Bondi Beach Weather

The best time for beach lovers to visit Bondi Beach is undoubtedly during the summer months, i.e. between December and February, when temperatures vary between 18.6 – 25.8°C and the water temperature rises to a maximum of 23.7°C.

Autumn and spring are also excellent times to visit, because then Bondi Beach weather is less humid, but there’s still lots of sunshine but smaller crowds.

The average temperature in winter varies between 8.8 – 17°C (47.8 – 62.6°F) and the town gets some of its highest rainfalls in July. There is still, however, a lot of sunshine and activities.

Bondi Beach Recreation

Visitors never have to spend time wondering what to do in Bondi Beach. If dining at trendsetting restaurants and cafes; walking along the stunning clifftops between glistening white-sand beaches; and shopping at the numerous fashion boutiques on Gould Street aren’t enough, here are some other recreational activities:

The beach is a beehive of activity from early morning to late night, which is beautifully captured by photographer Eugene Tan at the local Aquabumps gallery. For swimmers there are sets of flags which are spread along the sand to indicate which areas are safest for swimming. Surfers normally stick to the southern part of the beach – and if you happen to be a novice surfer Let’s Go Surfing provides a number of group and private lessons presented by professional surfers.

If you prefer fresh water, enjoy a swim in Bondi’s famous swimming pool – a local landmark for well over a century.

Another attraction is Bondi Icebergs, which is open to the general public every day of the week except for Thursdays when it is closed for cleaning.

Throughout the year people flock to what is known as the ‘grassy knoll’ – a small grass hill at the beach’s northern end. Here they barbecue, picnic or simply chill out until the day draws to an end.

Every year Bondi Beach presents a varied calendar of events and festivals. In October and November Sculptures by the Sea transforms the whole coastal area from Bondi to Tamarama into a mesmerizing open-air gallery with well over 100 sculptures popping up on the shoreline.

In September each year Bondi Beach becomes a beehive of activity when the annual kite-flying Festival of the Winds takes place. And in January and February Ben and Jerry’s Open Air Cinemas shows the top new movies as well as cult classics on its large outdoor screen.

During the winter months from June to August visitors can test their skills on the ice skating rink during the yearly Bondi Winter Magic festival. During the same period there is also the Sun-Herald City2Surf, an 8.7 mile (14km) fun run which attracts as many as 80 000 participants every year.

Still wondering what to do in Bondi Beach? Every Saturday both locals and visitors flock to the weekly farmers market. Make sure you go early to secure a spot on the grass and get your hands on sumptuous dishes such as Bar Pho’s Vietnamese streetfood or Mr. Bao’s karaage chicken with steamed buns.

You will have an opportunity to meet the producers and buy all kinds of locally produced gifts such a honey, olive oil, herbs, jams and spices.

Accommodation in Bondi Beach

Bondi beach accommodation varies from home stays to holiday houses and from simple hostels for the young and/or cash-strapped to luxury hotels. And for those who prefer more privacy there are also a number of serviced apartments.


There is a reason why Bondi Beach is such a popular holiday destination: it truly offers something for everyone – from surfing enthusiasts to sun seekers and from honeymoon couples to retired people who prefer a more relaxed vacation.