This Gorgeous Bondi Beach Attracts Over 2.6 million people per year. Make sure you don’t miss out.

There are a considerable amount of reasons why Bondi Beach is much loved. From the surfers hitting the waves, golden shoreline, excessive tanning oil, village of cafes and restaurants, shops and beautiful surrounds these are basically the key factors which make Bondi, Bondi. Bondi Beach is a truly gorgeous place to be. Although as aesthetic and popular Bondi may be, the beach isn’t the only thing you can enjoy there. Here’s a list of the Top 6 fun things to do at Bondi other than hitting the beach!

Dine at Icebergs

Everybody knows the ever so famous Bondi Baths because they’re literally all over instagram. You’re probably thinking “gosh it must be so expensive to eat around there” but really it isn’t! We recommend you take a trip to the Icebergs Dining Room and Bar which is the notable building right next to the baths. Prices for mains average $30 with snacks averaging $15. It has a great surfer/bistro vibe and they serve great cocktails! Grab a seat by the window, and you’ll have a lovely picturesque view of Bondi’s majestic shorelines.

Walk the Bondi-Bronte track

It’s honestly a must for you to take a nice walk down the Bondi-Bronte track. The coastline between the beaches is visually breathtaking, you honestly won’t regret it! Ensure you take heaps of pictures, slap on some sunscreen, and don’t be intimidated by the locals and their strong activewear game. The walk is approximately around 1.5km and should only take you about 45 minutes! Excluding the time spent taking photos and admiring the view of course. So grab your runners and go explore the scenic view of the coastline!

Shop in quirky boutiques

In Bondi you’re always guaranteed to find something that’s a little bit more out of the ordinary and that would catch your eye! Take a stroll through the streets and explore all of the unique trinkets they have to offer! Gould Street is definitely the place to go and wander in and out of the on-trend boutiques and random chain stores.

Visit the Bondi markets

If you’re looking for somewhere to shop till you drop or just window shop we recommend definitely taking a visit to the Bondi Markets. The Markets have a very wide variety of items and products for sale that can appeal to everyone. Many local designers, artists and craftspeople sell their work directly through the public via the markets so make sure you drop by to support them and hopefully come home with something to remember this experience by!

Bondi Events

Bondi also hosts a diverse amount of events all year round. Some notable events are Sculpture by the Sea, Festival of the Winds, Bondi Winter Magic, Openair Cinema, City2Surf, Bondi Surf and Dance, and more! A range of fun Bondi events can be seen here.

Bondi Tony’s

And lastly but not least, there are plenty of great food joints around, and if you’re tired from a big day at Bondi and are just really craving some soul food we recommend you indulge yourself at Bondi Tony’ Burger Joint! The name is self-explanatory and is a buzzing burger diner that is definitely hard to beat! With its incredible menu and yummy burger creations you are guaranteed to have a great time while dining there. All food at Bondi Tony’s is made of the highest quality of ingredients which makes it all the better! There are vegetarian options for you vego’s out there so you won’t need to worry about not being catered to! The price averages $15 for a meal. The atmosphere of the restaurant is great! With their rustic, old decorations and warmly lit rooms it really does bring you back in time to the old american burger joints you see in films. Another bonus is that the serving sizes are giant! So there’ll be no needing to stress about being hungry later! Other notable places to check out are Rocker, Bondi Hardware, Drake Eatery, Taqiza and plenty more.

With such a vibrant community and dining scene, it would be tough to cover Bondi within a day, this is surely an attraction that you would want at least 2 days set aside to fully indulge in the surroundings.

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